Veronica Nix

I came across the concept of duality a few years ago. If you remove duality from life, there is no right/ wrong/ good/ bad etc. everything just ‘is’. It takes a while to get your head around. you tend to become at peace with situations a lot easier. If we apply it here, Arthur you are not right or wrong. Neither are those with differing opinions. We each have our own truth. Yes our own truth is a byproduct of the system and our experiences in it. But it is also a byproduct of all our experiences including those of our interaction out of the system and in nature and with other people. Perhaps a bit like schrodingers cat, every situation is both good/bad right/wrong depending on who observes it;-)


Arthur Cristian

Veronica, something that does not exist, is make-believe, will do harm to any MAN falling for such a belief, and will do harm to everything of nature that the fallen-MAN comes into contact with. Are you supporting harm?

Being brought up in nature by nature, yes we agree that we all have unique original truths and they will never do harm to MAN/Earth/Nature. BUT, under the education of «The System» we are taught not to stand up to harm, to «accept» it because to stand up to it would be to go against those who think that harm is acceptable. The result of this lack of community immunity?

The destruction, chaos, poverty, hatred, murder, rape, greed, selfishness that we can see all around us. If we really want to make a difference and put an end to the harm that we are all experiencing, we have to stand in the face of political correctness and say no to the harm. We cannot do this while we are saying there is no right or wrong and while we are accepting all the harm because you can be more peaceful this way.

Is murder acceptable? Rape? Poisoning our children’s bodies with aspartame and Maccas and, worst of all, kidnapping them from their real lives in nature and forcing them under the image power of system education so that they no longer remember who they really are and become system drones, happy to get a few weeks a year for a «holiday».

There is a big difference between real peace and apathy where we do nothing to confront and stand up to harm.

Apathy is fake peace disguised as part of «consciousness» because it has been educated into us and, when we are apathetic, we are shut down, no longer fully sensing the harm all around us so we do nothing. We are sitting on our yoga mats and thinking peace whilst doing nothing about it.

The hypocrisy of this is that we want peace, joy, abundance, etc, across Earth but we feel that we have to look at harm as just someone’s perspective and that we cannot make judgement on it. If our immune systems behaved like this, we would soon be dead because our body would «accept» the voracious germs, viruses, cancers, etc, and do nothing about it. Isn’t cancer an individual perspective? Doesn’t cancer have a right to do what feels right for cancer? Even if that means taking a life here and there.

You may complain to the cancer when it takes a loved one but the cancer can say, «Hey, Veronica, this is just my perspective. I need to take a leg here and there because I have a right to exist.» Sounds absurd, but this is what we are saying when we don’t stand up against harm. We are saying that a bit of suffering, death, starvation, theft, ridicule, abuse, etc, is ok. We are saying that it is fine for our children to be educated rather than left to live peaceful lives in nature, unique and original, never forced under someone else’s image power.

The fake peace means that we do not have to look at the harm around us, or deal with it, face it because we can just say it is not part of our perspective. This means that the destruction around us continues all around us as the harm doers do what they do without opposition.

Yes, we have to forgive the harm doers as we take the steps to end the harm and be peaceful as we take the steps but being peaceful does not mean doing nothing, pushing the harm away, ignoring it! «It’s not my perspective» = I don’t want to deal with it = cop out, passing the buck, limited responsibility/liability, waiting for someone else to come and fix it.

To us, consciousness means full responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. Unconsciousness means limited responsibility, passing the buck. This is the difference between fake peace (unconsciousness) where we «accept» harm so that it doesn’t upset us so we don’t have to make the effort to deal with it, and real peace (consciousness) that we actively create in the lives of those around us so that we may have it too.

Doesn’t a mother as part of the family try to create a peaceful life for their children? Imagine if mothers just accepted any harm done to their children as neither right nor wrong? What happens to the family?

Community immunity is harm done to you is harm done to us so we come together as a community to stop the harm. Always. This is real love in action, in confrontation to stop the harm, the intention behind the love being to do no harm which is why we confront to stop it. Consciousness means that peace lives all around so that we are all living in peace. Unconsciousness is fractured, shattered reality as individuals.

Consciousness has nothing to do with right or wrong. When we are conscious, we are aware of the consequences.

Love has been hijacked, as has peace, by the New Age which also tells us that everything is just perspective. We are all about creating real peace by using our love for life to stand up to the harm we see all around us. It is only when we create peace in the lives of those around us that we experience real peace in our lives. Real peace is not accepting the harm around us until we feel peaceful about it.

It is only the doubt and uncertainty that we e-motionally believe about who we are that has us doubt that we can stop the harm around us, that we have the power of our magnificence to do something and make a difference. This confidence in who we really are is what we lose when we are told as children that we are not already conscious of everything we need to be conscious of and that we need to go to schools to learn.

The fake apathy is just a band aid to cover up the weakness of crippling e-motions of doubt and uncertainty as a result of being hijacked from our magnificence.

Since you have no right or wrong, good or bad in you life, are you living in a living paradise that we can witness and experience?

Duality is conflict, good bad, right , wrong. But which came first, the brainwashing or the conflict of duality?

The moment we teach our children that they need teaching, we are putting doubt and uncertainty into their thinking and this eventually leads to accepting good/bad, right/wrong, «whatever»…………

Isn’t it interesting that this attitude fits right into the agenda of those behind «The System» who want us to sit back and do nothing about all the harm they are engineering?

Veronica, we get your sentiments and your good-heartedness but to us, your thinking has been twisted on this one, so it has in all those who want peace, etc, but want it to happen without confrontation or rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.


Arthur Cristian

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