The Force Of Nature

The Force Of Nature (1st Draft) will be updated here when completed – Arthur Cristian – Love For Life – 31st July 2019

True freedom comes naturally from the full responsibility we each have to care for Earth because Earth is the life energy we create and direct with intention that expands as our force of nature caring for our families. This is what naturally forms the space of love that is the earthly domain of our full responsibility expanding to care for everything that lives in the sacred domain (home) that we hold (dream for) and which we are fully responsible for.

The natural domain of every MAN (men, women, children) is sacred and every MAN has the inherent legacy («right») of true freedom on the land to experience that sacredness. Every MAN is supposed to be gifted land to fully experience the force of nature that is our (MANS) true nature.

Being raised by nature from the womb, with no one inside our heads defining life/reality/anything-to-us, before, during or after, is the weather and the atmospheric conditions (vibes) we experience as that natural environment we hold and live for as our dream of life, our Earth, our home, our shared Earth/Family/Tribe/Community, our sacred Motherland.

We are all of Earth which is (was always meant to be) the undefined living body of MAN’S consciousness expanding the natural life (domain) of the MAN from the womb of eternal life. As far as we can see/sense life and as far as we can dream/experience life, Earth is always there in the eternal here and now because there is nowhere the true nature of MAN’S Earth is NOT.

No matter what is being imagined and no matter what dream is being contemplated on, it is ONLY MAN there and NOTHING ELSE.

Earth IS the real domain of our consciousness and Earth is always present to MAN, and there is nowhere to arrive where we can reach outside the true nature of MAN’S consciousness where we don’t experience the force of our true Nature, our domain, our sacred home.

The whole of creation is the domain of our natural home and every child raised by nature is expanding the domain of their consciousness as it experiences the big picture of the whole of creation and this is the natural and sacred dreaming of our true nature, and for every MAN raised by the force of nature, the life experience is always undefined and magnificent.

This is what it is to be god-like and the desecration of being raised in “The System” from the womb to the grave, is what we have sacrificed of our natural domain without even realising that we are actually doing this. The sacrifice is giving up eternal life (the big picture of our true nature) in/as this life.

This is why the domain of every MAN is sacred and it’s there where descendants, through the force of their true nature, can use their senses (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see), no matter where they maybe, to visit the magnificent nature of their ancestors sacred sites to commune with their magnificence, and through stimuli, uniquely experience their intentions, their creations (fruits of labour), their dreams of (MANS) life.

What we each sense of reality, instant by instant, can never be the experience another MAN is experiencing. Even when we are provided with definitions (explanations, suggestions, instructions, education, indoctrination, conditioning, brainwashing, inculcation) from another MAN to communicate the experience we are each having with nature/earth/reality, our communication is still NOT the experience we are each having as we observe together the «same» life-form. Relying on a definition can ONLY have us imagine what another MAN is experiencing and what we imagine will NEVER be the experience another MAN encountered/had.

Raised by the force of nature, all of MAN that ever was and ever will be, their consciousness IS the natural force of nature (sensory life-forms inanimate or not) they are all experiencing and their existence continues as the stimuli of our consciousness (nature) experiencing their consciousness (nature).

Nature IS MANS True Nature.

As nature, everything is in the wholeness of the synergy that is the force of nature but every life form has its domain and each is unique and sacred because it has never been defined. Every blade of grass, every grain of sand, soil particle, drop of water, insect, feather, microbe, tree, leaf, mountain, stream and valley is unique and original and nothing of MAN’S undefined consciousness will ever desecrate the uniqueness or damage or destroy the sacred domain of any life form.

This is the true sacredness of the force of nature that we are never meant to invade any domain and corrupt it. When we invade the domain of another MAN, or another life form no matter how big or minuscule it maybe, we are forcing our will on another MAN or life form and moulding them in our image, our intention.

This is desecrating the domain of every life form and corrupting and distorting the natural purpose behind the force of nature as we create imprints of these intentions that form the distortion, confusion, harm and destruction of our force (creation) of nature becoming the hurricanes in our image/intention, the tsunamis in our image/intention, the floods in our image/intention, the earthquakes and the exploding volcanoes, the extremes of non-temperate climates, the chaos and wars, the violence and all the horror and cruelty of system-life with its greed, selfishness, poverty, malnutrition, ghettos, overpopulation, sickness, disease, homelessness, murder, genocide and pollution, all the result of us intentionally invading and desecrating the natural domain of every life form.

This is the true meaning of the occultists/High-Level-Freemasons crucifixion image; everyone raised in “The System”, the magnificence of their big-picture domain that is the natural consciousness of their true nature has already been crucified when they first appeared in the womb because the inherent, sacred, legacy gifted to every MAN to create a natural (UNDEFINED) domain of life has already been defined (invaded, dominated, conquered, crushed and destroyed) and now they are fully dependent on the artificial domains provided by other men and women to supply them, as their consumers, with what would have been naturally provided for them by the consciousness of their big-picture domains, the god-like soul of their true nature providing food, water and shelter, etc.

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