Image Power

The Nefarious Tactics Used To Disguise Truth
And Distract Us From Remedy

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2014

This post contains many recent Facebook comments and email replies which collectively provides a big picture into exposing the deception behind IMAGE POWER.


Recently, we’ve been invited to join groups, actions, movements, protests, such as……
Liberate Santos Bonacci – Free Santos Bonacci
Awake the Masses / Call to all Anons / Important Global Events
OPERATION SPAM <<<<<<<<<<(Barack Obama)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The July 4th Million Mask Occupation of Washington D.C.
Freedom Fighter’s & Reptilian Hunter’s !!!
Anti-Fraking movements, Anti vaccination movements, and fights for justice in the courts, trial by jury, restoring common law, upholding the laws of a constitution, etc, etc……. the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on…….. we’re being flooded by MANS heartstrings pulled by all the suffering occurring across Earth.

We have been invited to join thousands of such groups, whether protest, political, revolutionary, humanitarian, environmental, etc, since we started Love For Life March 2005 but we have not participated in any of them because we do not see them having any long-term effect on the status quo; the harm machine is still rolling along, unperturbed.

It seems that as one generation grows up and weakens because they are having no effect, another comes along with more groups, more movements, more protests, more causes but nothing changes.

Both the prelude to and the information contained in «IMAGE POWER The Nefarious Tactics Used To Disguise Truth And Distract Us From Remedy» explains why they are having no effect and why they are just maintaining and perpetuating «The System» despite their good intentions. The distraction of all our problems are such that they render us incapable of focusing on a remedy that gets rid of all our problems with «one» fatal blow.

We don’t need any of these movements. There is a remedy that gets us all out of «The System» and, so far, no one has been able to show us a reason why it will not work. All we need to do is stop putting all our life FORCE energy into «The System» and start putting it into learning to live without «The System» and ONLY temporarily using «The System» where required to get completely out of it, in this life. Our true freedom exists in NO SYSTEM, not a «changed system», a «new» system, another man-made system under another guise.

To us, «The System» of man-made darkness is a tunnel and though we see the light of NO SYSTEM at the end of the tunnel, we live to step out of this tunnel to merge completely with this light in this life.

Prelude to Image Power

This is an example of the symptoms of the effects of image power in our lives and how reaction to trauma is used to manipulate us to further on the agendas of those behind the manipulation.

The tribes of MAN all across Earth, our ancestors, were enslaved through blatant force by the very same people who worship «The System» as it is today, just as they worshiped their system long ago, believing that they are the «Chosen Ones», with the right to control us and force us to do their will, not realising that they have also been brainwashed.

«The System» was created by their ancestors to keep us, the descendants of their slaves, from one generation to the next, enslaved to our masters behind «The System» which has been adapted and adapted and adapted to maintain power and control over us, no matter how we are thinking, feeling and behaving.

To us the occupy movement, petitioning government, protesting, rioting, etc, etc, won’t work. This is all about reacting to trauma while we are being manipulated through our heartstrings. We feel that something is not right and we want to do something from the heart to appease our conscience but, because we are in a state of trauma, we cannot see/sense clearly the big picture because we do not see the hidden hands at play manipulating us and so we are easily manipulated, our good intentions being used against us long term.

Let us explain what is really going on here.

Reacting to trauma only feeds trauma. When we fight «The System» we feed «The System» and all the while we’re not developing the experience, skills, expertise, resources, man-power, etc, required to live without «The System», meaning being part of a mass exodus out of «The System», back to NO SYSTEM, back to no longer being under the horrific influences of another MANS IMAGE-POWER. All we are equipped for is staying in «The System» and regardless of changes made, continue to follow wherever «The System» goes.

Why are we fighting with «intellectual property» that is man-made IMAGE-POWER (white house, politicians, judges, private-corporations, media, titles, costumes, etc, etc) when we should be directing all our life-FORCE-energy into stepping out of (turning our backs on) «The System» peacefully, quietly, etc, etc, and walking away from it forevermore?

When we fight «The System», resist «The System», asking re-presentatives of «The System» to fix/change things, etc, we are admitting that we have masters, are their slaves, are powerless and hopeless, are traumatised, are incapable of taking FULL-RESPONSIBILITY and are still determined to be under limited liability/responsibility PASSING-THE-BUCK, waiting for someone else to get us out of «The System». We are admitting that we are lazy, greedy, selfish and apathetic without direction.

We will never get out of «The System» this way because, all the time we are fighting «The System», we are the FORCE in «The System» that keeps it rolling along, meaning, keeping us glued to it as its slaves.

This is not about the slaves rebelling against their masters under the guise of fighting the government and trying to force change in the government. It is about all of us standing up as the free men and women that we really are and walking the talk of taking full responsibility for our lives, turning away from the privileges, benefits, services and obligations of «The System».

While we are fighting with the government, we are not free. We are still feeding «The System», living off brainwashed-educated-slaves who provide us with all the services and benefits, etc, of «The System», sucking and sucking and sucking off the machines of slavery we call corporations.

Does fighting with the government teach us how to live without «The System» and everything of «The System»????? If so then we are truly free here and now, if not, then we are seriously misguided, sucking off the nipples of private corporations in the business of producing life-FORCE-energy coming from a constant stream of daily hue-man sacrifices (slave-labour) performed at the alters of private-corporations which we use as a fix for our «system» addictions.

While we want govern-MEN-t, while we «occupy» «The System», we are supporting and maintaining «The System».

Those behind «The System» do not care how much we fight and protest because, while we do so, we are still giving «The System» all our life-FORCE-energy. This is what Freemasons/Satanists want us to do, it’s planned that way.


Because we’re still in «The System». Our «FORCE», our life-energy, is still being farmed for «The System» and, no matter how uplifting and appealing to the hearts of the people may seem, with changes made to «The System», we are still in «The System». They take advantage of the goodness that is in most people because it is our goodness and our lack of desire to hurt others that lets them get away with what they do. This has been planned from long ago.

Meaning we are still trapped.

«The System» discriminates because very, very few people actually want to be in positions of power over others, they mostly shy away from it, and very, very few really have the skills with maths and commerce to be able to «succeed» in «The System», and most people don’t like taking the life force energy of others and using it for their own «success».

The rape, pillage and plunder, the taking advantage of others, the dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest mentality of «The System», etc, etc, ONLY suits a very few people who have no qualms about using others for their own agendas – these people are the psychopaths at the top of all «The System» ladders.

Most people naturally dream for simple lives without the demands and pressures of «The System» hanging over their heads.

The psychological tactics of those behind «The System» can be seen clearly in the way we so willingly accept their horrific world of suffering, discrimination, abuse, haves and have nots, etc. We may be shocked at the suffering we see daily but we are so brainwashed and traumatised into thinking that it is «The System» and nothing but «The System» that we never think of our role in all the suffering because it is our combined life-FORCE-energy that is setting all this reaction to trauma into motion.

Why aren’t we using our life-FORCE-energy to just do away with «The System» altogether?

While we are all broken down, all individuals (in divide you all s), powerless, we have no community immunity, no coming together as a force to stand up for each other to stop the harm being done to all of us.

Again, this is what they want.

While we are under this state of trauma, we accept all the mantras of all the «Good Guys» who pull at our heart strings all the while they are guiding (manipulating/conning) us towards the next version of «The System», the New World Order, so that the insanity continues, even though it may be portrayed as a «Golden Age».

We fall for them because we are reacting to the trauma we experience every day in «The System» and they seem to be offering us a «way out», although it is not, of course, a way out of «The System».

Watch out for these people who mess with your heartstrings. This is how they get you.

Eventually, it will become obvious that the «Golden Age» is no different to the current version of «The System» because the same people are behind it, pushing the same agendas. Thus the vicious cycle will begin again, with people becoming dissatisfied as they realise they are still slaves, under the IMAGE POWER of others, to the point where they start petitioning the government (Star Trek like Federation) again, rallying again, protesting again.

War, chaos, confusion, ……….. Sound familiar?

Sound like the pattern of every other civilisation (The System») that has come and gone?

«The System» cannot exist without slaves and rulers, without brainwashed men, women and children becoming the cogs of «The System» machine.

When we stop reacting to all the trauma of «The System», we get the clarity of thought that enables us to see the steps OUT of «The System» so that we can begin healing the damage done both to us and to Earth/Nature.

It is the formula of you reacting to trauma and your good heart that pulls you in, unable to see clearly the consequences of your actions in day to day life that contribute to the problems and maintain «The System» of harm that rules you.

When you are reacting to trauma, you don’t notice the manipulation of these people pulling at your heart strings, don’t notice that the «Good Guys» are wolves in sheep’s clothing, don’t notice that they are pulling you, pulling you towards the next version of «The System».

The only way they can pull you in is with this formula and this is why we say watch out for, «We will lead every revolution against us» lackeys, deceivers «Good Guys». They are masters of this tactic and have been doing it for generations upon generations. They start up many of the «anti-system» movements or infiltrate, assimilate and take over those started by genuine people.

While they are pulling at your heart strings, they are using image power, using trauma all around you to keep you in a traumatised state and thus easy to manipulate and control.

Just as the Pol Pot children of Cambodia were forced to walk past the heads of the people of their communities strung up along the pathways to get their water and food, day after day, giving them a constant reminder of their powerlessness against the force of those in power, so we are constantly reminded of our powerlessness with constant images of the suffering of our fellow men and women, as well as nature, animals, forests, oceans, etc, being broadcast daily on our TV sets and in the media.

Amidst all this horror come the «Good Guys» with their feel good messages and their promises of a better life under the New World Order (NWO).

Of course we fall for them!

Unless we wake up and stop the rot.

The most dangerous thing for them is when we get together in numbers (FORCE) and learn how to live as a community without them, without being under the information of their IMAGE POWER, which ONLY comes from exposure to «The System» (their systems/methods of power and control over us), for then they have no power over us because we are no longer giving it to them.

«The System» is an organised machine of slavery, Factory Planet Earth where every corporation practices industrialised slavery, technological shackles and chains.

Thanks to greed, selfishness and trauma addictions, most people keep fighting in «The System» because they do not actually want to give up the benefits, privileges, services and spell-binding-distractions (entertainment, social drugs, booze, pornography, sex, gambling, ownership, supermarkets, etc, etc) of «The System» which is why they keep fighting within «The System».

The only way to be free of «The System» is to withdraw all our energy from «The System».

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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